The only Pacific island nation never bought under foreign rule, Tonga has a unique identity and varied and spectacular verdant scenery.

As well as sparkling waters and white, palm fringed beaches, Tonga offers striking limestone cliffs, volcanoes, world class water sports and one of the most picturesque towns in the South Pacific at Neiafu.

The warm turquoise waters are matched by the warm welcome on the unspoilt, green, and mountainous islands of Samoa.

Cruise coral reefs and blue lagoons, discover beautiful white sand beaches or venture on-shore and visit rainforests, lava fields and blow holes. For entertainment, drop anchor in Apia Harbour and enjoy the vibrant culture of the capital.

A collection of more than 300 islands and islets with lush forests and pristine beaches surrounded by aquamarine waters, Fiji is a place to relax.

Many of the islands are untouched by tourism and provide the perfect getaway for charter goers seeking peaceful palm fringed hideaways. For the more adventurous, explore the superb diving spots, see the wonderful wildlife and catch the traditional dance known as meke.

A real taste of paradise, it is difficult to imagine a place in the world with more exquisite beaches, more translucent lagoons or more verdant vegetation.

Explore beautiful, volcanic-formed Tahiti, the 'jewel of the South Pacific' and cruise on to lesser known islands protected by reefs and lapped by crystal clear waters. For a taste of French colonial charm, drop anchor in Papeete Harbour and visit the colourful marketplace.

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